TZC Ready for Second Stage of Dredging

Tappan Zee Constructors (TZC) will begin the second stage of dredging operations during the week of August 1st near the Westchester shoreline as part of the preparation for removing the existing bridge and completing the New NY Bridge project’s eastern landing of the southbound span.

Dredging is allowed during a three-month period from August 1 to October 31 in specified locations and will be conducted 24/7 to complete the required dredging during the short window. The window was established to avoid impacting migration and spawning patterns of local sturgeon and other fish species.

The upcoming dredging operation, much smaller than the first stage, is designed to create an access area for the I Lift NY super crane to remove sections of the existing bridge and build the southbound landing of the new bridge. The dredging will deepen the water level in the work zone by removing an estimated 187,960 cubic yards of sediment from the river bottom.

TZC will use specially-designed environmental clamshell buckets to perform the work. The buckets release less sediment into the river than conventional equipment, which further protects local aquatic resources.

Once the second stage of dredging is complete, approximately two feet of gravel will be placed in the dredged channel to limit the stirring up of river sediment when working vessels traverse the area.