Dredging Event to Discover Pragmatic Strategies

Not only is gaining environmental approval for dredging projects considered to be a lengthy and inefficient process, a knowledge gap exists on the subject of effective communication on the true benefits and implications of dredging, community buy-in, confidence and political acceptance of dredging projects has never been so low.

The two-day event will through series of lectures and practical workshops provide effective strategies for securing environmental approval, identify beneficial re-use of dredge material, give an answer on how to avoid costly mistakes on dredging projects and how to effectively communicate & gain community buy-in and confidence in dredging operations.

By attending this year’s Dredging and Reclamation event in Brisbane, 19-20 August, guests will have a chance to discover pragmatic strategies and answers to these challenges.

Key topics include: 

  • Effective Engagement and Community Consultation in order to Achieve Environmental;
  • Approval, Sustainability and Acceptance;
  • Maintenance Dredging Projects; A Practical view;
  • Regulatory Outlook For Key Stakeholders: What Does the Future Hold?;
  • Dredge Spoil Disposal where Recycling is not Possible: Understanding Viable Options.

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