Mercury Bay Works Underway

Work on the second coastal erosion project in Mercury Bay has begun with a geotextile sandbag wall being built at Brophy’s Beach. 

The geotextile bags are currently being dropped off on-site with a total of 660 to be used. The wall is expected to be finished by mid-December. A plan for landscaping work to follow is being put together right now.

The geosynthetic container (sandbag) backstop wall will be 530m long and cost $862,000.

A sand bag wall is appropriate here because the sea conditions are conducive to this style of backstop erosion protection and aren’t as severe as at Buffalo Beach plus there’s a greater distance of sand dune between the beach, the road and private properties,” says Mercury Bay Area Manager Sam Marshall.

Once the sand bag wall is finished it will be covered with sand to create a sand dune effect with planting. The wall won’t be visible, and will act as a backstop in the event that the covering sand is washed away.

Sand dredged by Whitianga Marina (approx. 3,000 m³) is on the site with 1,500m³ used to fill the sand bags and the remaining 1,500m³ to cover the bags and replenish the beach.

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