Developing Tidal Defense Barrier for Boston

The Environment Agency is working on a £90 million tidal defense barrier that will protect 20,000 homes in Boston for over 100 years.

Following severe storms in December 2013, the east coast endured the most significant tidal surge in 60 years. This affected many coastal towns and communities. In Boston, Lincolnshire, over 800 houses were flooded across 55 streets.

The Boston Barrier will work whether to reduce the risk of tidal flooding for the Borough of Boston or manage water levels through the town in the future.

The focus is now put on the Transport and Works Act Order (TWAO), a form of legislation to approve large infrastructure projects that impact on transport systems. The Agency needs to apply for a TWAO because the Boston Barrier will cross navigation used by the Port of Boston, Boston and District Fishing Association and recreational river users.

If this is approved, construction can begin on the barrier in 2017 and be completed by late 2019.

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