Aberystwyth Marina Dredging Announced

Cardiff Marine Group Ltd., the company that recently purchased Aberystwyth Marina, has announced development plan for the newly acquired marina.

The company is planning a number of phased investments that will upgrade the marina.

According to Christopher Odling-Smee, Director of Cardiff Marine Group, “the company will be introducing a number of initiatives to Aberystwyth Marina such as a Refer a Friend promotion and a Visitor exchange program between Cardiff Marina and Aberystwyth Marina.”

Planned works include:

  • Dredging of the marina by contractors Van Oord;
  • New pontoon configurations to improve the layout and increase capacity with equipment from Walcon Marine;
  • Upgrading of the infrastructure to improve the presentation and security of the marina.

Christopher Odling-Smee said: “Our purchase of Aberystwyth Marina represents a long-term commitment to upgrading the marina. We strongly believe in the potential of the marina, which we consider to offer great opportunities for growth. We are currently working with key industry partners including Van Oord, Walcon Marine and the Coastal Communities Fund to develop the plan of investment.”

We are delighted to have been awarded £300,000 from the Coastal Communities Fund to help towards the upgrade project. This fund aims to encourage the economic development of UK coastal communities by awarding funding to create sustainable economic growth and jobs.

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