VIDEO: Damen TSHD 2000

Damen Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger (TSHD) 2000 is being built at present on stock and is ready to be used in any dredging project worldwide. 

The 2000 hopper dredger is fitted out with a Di 600mm trailing pipe system for a dredging depth of max 25m.

Beside TSHD 2000, Damen offers a complete range of small TSHDs, with hopper capacities ranging from 500m³ to 2,500m³.

Damen’s highly flexible concept of optional packages means that customizing the standard TSHD can be carried out effortlessly. Options can be added immediately or, should a specific dredging job be contracted, later on when a vessel is already in service.

The standard TSHD is mainly designed for maintenance dredging, particularly silt handling. However, the array of available options mean that it is easy to upgrade to dredging sand for beach replenishment jobs for example.