Starcross and Cockwood Scheme on Display

The Environment Agency is holding a public exhibition in Starcross on 16 October 2015 to provide people with further information about the Starcross and Cockwood tidal defense scheme.

The scheme is estimated to reduce flood risk to over 600 properties. It was accelerated as part of the March 2015 Budget announcement regarding England’s 6-year flood defense program.

A range of information will be available about the scheme including:

  • an overview of the scheme – the overall objectives and drivers for the scheme and how it fits in with on-going work at Dawlish Warren;
  • flooding mechanisms – how and why flooding is occurring in Starcross and Cockwood;
  • the identified flood routes;
  • how the scheme will address these flood routes – the proposed works will take place at 3 locations in Starcross and a number of options will also be presented for possible works around Cockwood Harbor;
  • survey results – details of the surveys, design work and assessments carried out to-date;
  • timescales – an overview of proposed timings.

Members of the project team will also be present at the exhibition to answer any questions and listen to your views.

There will also be material about other relevant projects including the following:

  • Dawlish Warren beach management scheme – a public exhibition is being held on 26 November 2015 (from 2pm to 8pm) at the Langstone Cliff Hotel, Dawlish, EX7 0NA;
  • know your flood risk – flood preparedness is vital and the flood resilience team ensures that people develop a better understanding of their flood risk. Information will include details of how to sign-up for free flood warnings via our Floodline Warnings Direct Service.

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