IHC Bags Dredge Repair Contract

IHC Services has secured an order for a substantial renovation project for a vessel owned by Huta Marine Works Ltd in Saudi Arabia.

Work on the HUTA 14 self-propelled cutter suction dredger (CSD) will be carried out by IHC Middle East based in Dubai, and the Service Operations department in the Netherlands.

The renovation involves the replacement of three large diesel engines, and the electrical installation for the underwater pump drive. Royal IHC is responsible for the engineering of the rebuild, purchase and delivery of the hardware, supervision during the installation and commissioning of the dredger after conversion.

The vessel, built in 1986, has a total of four engines but one had already been changed by a previous owner,” says Robert Jonk, General Manager of IHC Middle East & India. “Two dredge pump engines are already out of order and require replacements, and the third engine is about to break down. The submerged dredge pump needs to be changed, and the current parts are now obsolete.”

The renovation will bring immediate benefits to Huta Marine Works, which specializes in dredging, marine infrastructure and harbor construction. Based in Jeddah, the company has a fleet of 15 CSDs, of which 12 were delivered by IHC. The new engines and dredge pump drive on the HUTA 14 will result in reduced downtime and enhanced efficiency.

IHC Services was awarded the contract mainly as a result of good communication with Huta Marine Works, and effective cooperation between various departments and units within IHC,” says Robert. “We have supported this customer on a number of other repair projects, and regularly supply spare parts.”

Now the contract is finalized, four members of staff in Dubai will be involved in the project and eight in Kinderdijk, the Netherlands. The hardware will be delivered to Jeddah in spring 2016, ready for installation.

IHC Services carries out approximately three renovation projects such as this per year. Following the success of this order, Robert and his team believe there will be greater potential for further renovation and upgrading of other CSDs owned by Huta Marine Works.