IHC MTI Dredge Training in November

IHC MTI will open its doors from 2-6 November 2015 for the annual staff training project in Kinderdijk.

The training is dedicated to the operational management involved in dredging operations.

It allows the participants to expand and improve their skill sets in managing a dredging project, based on the hard numbers each project consists of.

The participants will be able to effectively plan, prepare and control a dredging operation after following the training and also to:

  • choose the best working method;
  • derive and set up the work planning;
  • follow up results;
  • identify and respond to opportunities and threats;
  • set up the financial planning;
  • estimate the return of the project;
  • report to the company effectively.

The program involves highly interactive classroom based training, supported by practical case studies, workshops and discussions.

The topics that will be covered during the program will include:

  • working methods;
  • project production calculation;
  • project cost calculation;
  • project planning;
  • effective communication and reporting;
  • acting on opportunities and threats.

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