Managing Flood and Coastal Erosion Risks

The Environment Agency is currently working on a number of different schemes that will address the flood and coastal erosion risk in England.

The main aim of these efforts is to reduce the risk to communities and protect property.

The measures needed for each location are considered on a case by case basis.


Some of the measures may include:

  • building flood and coastal defenses;
  • flood storage reservoirs;
  • land management;
  • portable defenses.

The strategies and schemes are grouped by the geographic areas the Environment Agency operates from.

A map showing the regions where the Environment Agency is operating.

Some of the active flood and coastal erosion risk schemes include: Morpeth flood scheme; Knott End (Fleetwood) flood risk management scheme; Croston flood risk management scheme; Nottingham Trent left bank flood alleviation scheme; Salford flood risk management scheme, River Tame flood risk management strategy; Kempsey flood risk management scheme; Exeter flood defense scheme; and many more.