New Ellicott Dredge in Bandon

A state funded dredge and accompanying work boat are in the water at Port of Bandon’s launch ramp.

This new dredge, an Ellicott 360 Swinging Dragon named The Laura, will be used to remove debris such as silt, rocks and slime that collect in the harbor, material that often makes it difficult for boats to navigate the boat basins.

During the project, The Laura will remove around 40,000 cubic yards of debris from the mentioned area.

Dredged material will be carried by the pipe out to sea on an outgoing tide.

This week we have representatives from Ellicott Dredge training the crews from Port of Bandon, Coos Bay and Brookings who will be operating the boat and dredge,” the Port of Brandon stated.

The in water work window for the Port of Bandon’s Corps permit runs October 1 through February 15, 2016.

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