Royal IHC Names 1.840m3 TSHD

Royal IHC named the MAHURY, a 1.840m3 capacity twin-screw trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD), on 29 October 2015 at its partner MTG Dolphin’s shipyard in Varna, Bulgaria.

The new TSHD is Baggerbedrijf de Boer – Dutch Dredging’s fourth IHC-built vessel.

Dutch Dredging named the vessel after its tradition of reusing the names of sold or scrapped ships.


The MAHURY is a river in French Guiana, South America, where Dutch Dredging has a long-term contract for maintaining the depth of the approach to the seaport of Dégrad des Cannes.

For many years this maintenance project has been carried out by the previous MAHURY.

The new TSHD had already been successfully launched on 14 August 2015 in Varna. The MAHURY is scheduled for completion on 15 January 2016, eight weeks before the contracted date.

Main features

  • Length: approx. 75m;
  • Breadth: 13.4m;
  • Depth: 4.1m;
  • Draught at dredging mark I, dredging within 15 miles from shore: approx. 3.48m;
  • Draught at dredging mark II, dredging within 8 miles from shore: approx. 3.80m;
  • Hopper capacity at highest overflow level: approx. 1,840m3;
  • Inside diameter of trailing suction pipe: 600mm;
  • Dredging depth: 30m;
  • Total installed power: approx. 2,440kW;
  • Trial speed: approx. 9.3knots;
  • Accommodation: 9 people.

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