Senator Supports Minot Plans

Senator John Hoeven advanced flood protection for the Red River Valley and a flood study for the Minot region earlier this week.

He also secured support for the projects in meetings with Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works Jo-Ellen Darcy, Army Corps Chief of Engineers Lieutenant General Thomas P. Bostick and Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Director Shaun Donovan.

The Corps and OMB are working with us and supportive of the flood protection study for Minot and the public-private partnership project in Fargo-Moorhead. Now, we need continue working to pass the FY16 Energy and Water funding bill to ensure that the Corps receives the authorities and funding necessary to move these projects forward,” said Hoeven.

Hoeven also secured support from the Corps’ leaders for initiating a feasibility study for the Minot region, so the Corps can aid the city in developing a comprehensive, multi-phase flood protection project for the Minot region.

In September, Hoeven hosted Bostick at meetings with federal, state and local officials from the Fargo and Minot regions.

The senator showed the Corps chief firsthand the importance of permanent flood control for the Fargo Moorhead region and implementing comprehensive flood protections for Minot and Ward County. Hoeven first invited Bostick to Fargo during a hearing of the Senate Appropriations Committee on Energy and Water.