RTG, FHP Join Forces with IHC

Royal IHC has expanded its activities with the acquisition of Robbins Technology Group (RTG) in Brisbane, Australia, and Fraser Hydraulic Power (FHP) in the UK.

With these latest acquisitions, IHC has expanded its offshore rental fleet and gained a stronger foothold in the mining market respectively.

Bram Roelse, IHC’s CEO, said: “These acquisitions, both effective from 31 October 2015, fit perfectly within IHC 2020. The overall aim of this strategy is to reduce IHC’s dependence on the volatile shipbuilding industry by developing OPEX activities.”

Robbins Technology Group is a multi-disciplined technology company specializing in providing services to the mineral sands industry. It focuses on the design and construction of mining and mineral processing plants, and the manufacture of specialist equipment, as well as assaying, metallurgical test work and circuit development.

This merger strengthens IHC’s position in the downstream minerals processing market for heavy mineral sands.

The collaboration between the two companies utilizes the two companies’ mutual understanding of the full life cycle of mineral deposits.

Founded in 1986, Fraser Hydraulic Power designs and builds systems for laying subsea cables and umbilicals with tracked engines and tensioners, cable carousels, and drum handling systems in its product range. These are supplied to the subsea telecoms, renewables, and oil and gas industries.