Royal IHC Sells One to Asia

Royal IHC has announced the sale of an Easydredge® 3700, the largest vessel in the Easydredge® series of standard twin-screw trailing suction hopper dredgers (TSHD), designed and built by IHC.

This innovative and flexible Easydredge® concept can be tailor-made to suit requirements, without compromising on delivery times or price. Available from stock, the vessels are fit for all common maintenance and land reclamation jobs and offer customers maximum cost efficiency and affordability.

Common features of the range include specially designed Easydredge® dredging equipment, latest state of the art IHC dredge pump, and a slender hull for increased speed and low fuel consumption. They all have a class notation for unrestricted navigation and dredging up to 20 miles off shore with an unattended machinery space.

This particular vessel is fitted with a ‘World Dredging’ equipment package including most common used dredging equipment such as an adjustable overflow, bottom doors, jet water pump and a shore pumping arrangement making it a multi-purpose hopper dredger.

In addition, the dredger is provided with an extended suction tube enabling the vessel to dredge up to a depth of 50 meters by means of a submerged dredge pump.

The Easydredge® 3700 will be used for land reclamation, infrastructure and beach nourishment projects on several islands and resorts in Asia, in order to support the growth of its tourism industry.

Main features:

Length overall approx. 92.95m;

Breadth 16.5m;

Draught at dredging mark 6.2m;

Deadweight at 6.20m draught 5,640t;

Hopper capacity at highest overflow level 3,700m³;

Inside diameter of trailing suction pipe 600mm;

Dredging depth 50m;

Trial speed 12 knots;

Accommodation 10 persons.