Kangaroo Point Contract Awarded

Port Stephens Council has engaged Whitehead & Associates in conjunction with Coastal Environment Pty to develop options for the removal of the 80m seawall that currently extends along the foreshore to the north of Kangaroo Point Foreshore. 

This seawall is currently failing; eroding on both the landward and seaward side of the wall.

Vertical seawalls are no longer considered appropriate coastal protection structures as they often exacerbate erosion, decrease beach amenity and generally degrade the marine environment.

It is envisioned the end design will deliver a solution that manages the current erosion issues in harmony with the local environment, character, usage, safety, public pressure, community desires and longterm stability.

Whitehead and Associates have investigated and quantified the coastal processes that affect this section of foreshore including wind and swell waves, longshore sand transport rates and offshore bathymetric data.

This information is vital in developing the most sustainable and robust solution for the longterm protection of the site.

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