LB Breakwater Study Gets OK

Long Beach and the USACE reached an agreement this week to share the cost of a $3 million study to determine whether the breakwater off the coast can be removed or reconfigured to help restore aquatic habitat without disrupting boats and coastal homes.

“I can’t thank the Army Corps enough for working with us to start this important and groundbreaking study,Mayor Robert Garcia said.

Improving the coastal experience and ecosystem in our city is a win for residents, visitors and will be a boost to the Long Beach economy.”

According to the city, the East San Pedro Bay Ecosystem Restoration Study will evaluate options for increasing waves and water circulation in the bay and restoring wetlands, while not disturbing maritime operations.

The Long Beach Breakwater is one of the three in the area that prevents waves from rolling into the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, the Belmont Shore-Naples Patch reports.

“The Army Corps will determine if ecosystem restoration is possible without damaging existing properties — including the port and most importantly coastal residences,” Garcia added.

The study is expected to take three years, beginning in early 2016.

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