MWCD: Winter Drawdown Begins

As part of the flood risk management operation of the reservoirs and dams in the Muskingum River Watershed, the USACE is conducting annual temporary drawdown of the normal pool elevation of the lake levels.

The lakes will be lowered by 5 to 8 feet over the next 30 to 45 days so that they can handle melting snow and spring rains.

The Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District will complete eight major shoreline stabilization projects throughout four of the District’s reservoirs and will also continue dredging operations at one of the lakes.

These reservoir maintenance activities are paid for through funds received from the current $5.5 million/year maintenance assessment.

MWCD has budgeted over $1.1 million to complete the 2015-2016 shoreline stabilization projects and has committed $10 million for the multi-year Tappan dredging project.

Reservoir maintenance projects for the 2015-2016 drawdown include:

Atwood Lake

  • Glens Cottage area – 1800 ft. long shoreline stabilization;
  • Alive Amphitheater area – 1700 ft. long shoreline stabilization;
  • Arrowhead Cottage area – 110 ft. long shoreline stabilization;
  • Water Treatment Plant area – 235 ft. long shoreline stabilization.

Tappan Lake

  • Y-Bay near CR39 Tappan Hills Road – 400 ft. long shoreline stabilization;
  • East end of Tappan Lake – continue dredging.

Pleasant Hill Lake

  • Pine Hill Boat Club area – 130 ft. long shoreline stabilization.

Leesville Lake

  • Hills Cottage Area – repair damaged shoreline.