Dragflow Launches New Features

Dragflow, an Italian manufacturer of heavy duty pumps and complete dredging equipment, has just reveled to Dredging Today some details about their future business plans.

These include the development of new kind of pumps and dredgers to increase the applications in all the sectors, such as dredging, mining and offshore industry,” said Mr. Roberto Martinelli, Dragflow general director.

“It’s been a very good year. We moved our headquarters in order to have more space to create and realize innovative solutions. We supplied dredgers and pumps for important projects, we designed new dredgers and we can look at this year with satisfaction, looking forward for next year to come,” said Mr. Martinelli.

As part of this program, the company has also completely renewed the company website, to offer a better service to their clients.

We refreshed and integrated our company website as a natural consequence of our growing business,” said Roberto Martinelli, Dragflow general director.

Now clients can find more easily what they are looking for or otherwise, they can contact us and we’ll be able to provide the products that they need.