Sea Island Groin and Beach Nourishment Project Raises Concerns

State Representatives Jeff Jones and Alex Atwood recently requested that the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Shore Protection Committee reconsider its recent decision to allow construction of a new groin at the south end of Sea Island.

In the letter to Shore Protection Committee, Rep. Jones stated that solid scientific evidence was presented clearly revealing that a new groin would pose a significant threat to wildlife and private property on St. Simons Island should the groin construction be allowed.

I have studied information about the negative impact of its construction such that I have grave concerns about construction of this groin; the decision clearly warrant’s serious reconsideration,” said Jones.

Due to the likely long-term negative impact of the decision, and because of circumstances, I believe strongly that the Shore Protection Committee should reconvene and be allowed to reconsider its decision,” added Jones.

In December, the committee gave approval to the rock groin and beach nourishment project proposed by Sea Island Acquisitions LLC for an area of Sea Island known as the “Spit.”

The developer recently submitted an application to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Savannah District requesting excavation of 120,000 cubic yards of sand from 275,400 square feet of waters in the Glynn County, Georgia.

According to the applicant, the excavation would be conducted between tidal cycles over a 3 month period and the sand would be dredged by excavator and moved in trucks on the existing approved motorized vehicle beach access route to the construction site where it would be discharged to create a constructed dune ridge and a 150 foot wide beach.

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