Chinese Duo Wins Major Port Deal in Algeria

Two Chinese companies, China Harbor Engineering Company (CHEC) and China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC), and the Algerian government last Sunday signed an agreement to build a mega seaport in Algeria.

Under the deal, the two sides will set up a consortium company in March to build the port, some 60 km west of the capital Algiers, reported Xinhua.

The port will have 23 docks capable of processing 6.5 million 20-foot containers and 30 million tons of bulk cargo per year.

The future port has been designed as one of the biggest transshipment ports in the region that will provide services to North Africa and Europe.

If all goes according to schedule, the $3.3 billion project will be completed within next seven years, and gradually put into service within four years with China’s Shanghai Ports Group ensuring its management.