TID Renamed to IHC Training Institute

As of 1 January, the renowned Training Institute for Dredging (TID) was renamed IHC Training Institute.

The name change reflects the organisation’s newly extended portfolio, which now also includes various offshore courses and classes.

The existing training portfolio has now been extended with new introductory courses, function-specific training and masterclasses in offshore construction, offshore IRM and offshore renewable energy.

Under its new title, the IHC Training Institute will offer its comprehensive services to those working in the dredging, mining and offshore industries.

Dingeman van Woerden, Manager Training, says: “We continuously keep up-to-date with the latest developments in maritime technology, and we are ready and eager to continue supporting our customers with their future challenges. Knowledge will remain the key to achieving the full potential of our customers’ equipment.

By combining all of Royal IHC’s technical expertise, IHC Training Institute is capable of delivering technical and operational training courses for all IHC products. These technical and practical courses can be given in training facilities and simulators in the Netherlands and other locations all around the world.