Julong Dredging Raises the Bar

Julong Dredging & Mining Machinery Co., located in Qingzhou City, China, has more than 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing a variety of high-quality dredging and mining machinery.

The company focuses on the research, design and production of all kinds of dredging machines, water cleaning harvesters, mining and sand processing machinery.

Last year proved to be very good for Julong with the delivery of almost 20 dredgers, many work boats, numerous weed harvesters, etc.

In 2015 Julong delivered 18 cutter suction dredgers, 6 multi-functional work boats, 23 aquatic weed harvesters to foreign and domestic market,” said Julong general manager, Mr. Ben Wang.

According to him, the company successfully completed delivery of dredgers to the customers in France and Kazakhstan.

The dredger delivered to France worked for a port construction project in Martinique Island. It is the forth Julong Cutter Suction Dredger delivered to Caribbean Sea,” said Mr. Wang.

He also said that two cutter suction dredger were delivered to Kazakhstan together with a multifunctional work boat, equipped with hydraulic winch, crane, etc.

And client also ordered two sets of spiral cutter head, which can replace the crown cutter head to improve the efficiency,” added Mr. Wang.

We asked Mr. Wang about the recent delivery of a cutter suction dredger to the Chinese government, will there be more dredger orders?

JulongJulong delivered the cutter suction dredger to Xinjiang Government which is used to clean the sludge in the bottom of reservoirs. Chinese government is now focused on the environment protection, with more and more rivers, lakes and reservoirs need to be clean because of the water pollution. So more dredgers will be need in future,” said Mr. Wang.

Also, we were interested about the markets currently in the focus of Julong, and the company’s ongoing projects.

Julong market is mainly Southeast Asia, South Asia and Africa, but we also get orders from Latin America. In future, we will continue to expend our market in Latin America and Middle East,” he added.

At the moment, we are working on a 12 inch dredger for Latin America and one 16 inch dredger with submersible dredge pump for an African client. Two sets of aquatic weed harvester will be delivered to domestic market very soon,” said Mr. Wang.

After having a very successful 2015 ,the company is now raising the bar even higher with 20 dredgers and 30 aquatic weed harvesters planned for delivery before the end of 2016.

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