The Narrows Dredging Work Underway photo photo

Dredging operations in The Narrows, undertaken by the Gippsland Ports’ cutter suction dredger ‘Kalimna’, are currently underway.

The dredging works include sections of the navigable channel to the Northwest of the entrance to North Arm between Buoy No 2 (Fl.R.3s) and Buoy No 6 (Fl.R.3s), the Gippsland Ports stated in its its Notice to Mariners.

Pipework extends from the dredger to a connection point on the northern mainland shoreline.

“Mariners are advised to take extra precaution, especially at night, when navigating through The Narrows and to give the dredge a wide berth when passing,” the Gippsland Ports said.

The dredging operations will take approximately 4 weeks to complete.

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