VIDEO: New Multi-Purpose Dredger from Dredge Yard

The Euro Dredger 450, a cutter suction dredger built in the Netherlands, has been successfully launched and is now available for delivery.

This multi-purpose dredging machine is the first cutter suction dredger resulting from the partnership between Dredge Yard and Neptune Shipyards in the Netherlands.

Both companies joined forces to enable the building of the dredger that is suitable for dredging, soft and medium compacted sand and other sediments up to a dredging depth of 10 m on inland waters, rivers and lakes.

The high performance dredge pump, entirely developed and manufactured by Dredge Yard, is mounted directly onto the gearbox to save space and reduce the weight, and it is driven directly by a 634 kW diesel engine.

A hydraulic power pack of 232 kW is fitted on the main pontoon to supply hydraulic power to the cutter head, winches and spud hoist cylinders.

Main Features

  • 3 dismountable pontoons;
  • Transportable by road, rail and sea;
  • Operating cabin fitted on the main pontoon;
  • Spuds operated by hydraulic cylinders;
  • Diesel driven high efficiency inboard dredge pump;
  • Heavy duty dredge pump gearbox;
  • Auxiliary diesel engine for driving hydraulic pumps;
  • Ladder hoisting gantry and ladder hoisting winch;
  • Two swing winches;
  • Cutter head driven by hydraulic motor;
  • Cutter head with exchangeable teeth Box coolers for cooling diesel engines, gearbox and hydraulics;
  • Air ventilation for the engine room Inspection piece in front of dredge pump;
  • Suction pipe on ladder and discharge pipe on deck.

Main Particulars

  • Length over all (incl. cutter ladder): 23.2 m  76.1ft;
  • Length over pontoon (assembled): 17.5 m  57.4 ft;
  • Breadth over pontoon (assembled): 6.6 m  21.6 ft;
  • Depth main pontoon: 2.45 m  8.0 ft;
  • Depth side pontoon: 1.8 m  5.9 ft;
  • Design draught: 1.2 m  3.9 ft;
  • Dredging depth (ladder at 45⁰): 10 m  32.8 ft;
  • Suction pipe diameter: 500 mm  20 inch;
  • Discharge pipe diameter: 450 mm  18 inch;
  • Cutter power: 112 kW  150 hp;
  • Cutter speed: 0-30 rpm  0-30 rpm;
  • Dredge pump diesel engine power: 634 kW  850 hp;
  • Auxiliary diesel engine power: 232 kW  311 hp;
  • Total installed power: 866 kW  1161 hp;
  • Total dry weight (approx.): 90 mTon  90 mTon.

The Euro Dredger 450 is the latest addition to Dredge Yards and Neptune Shipyards product range and the companies are already planning the development of their next multi-purpose Euro Dredger.



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