Port Extension Works Underway at Lindo

The Port of Odense, the third largest in Denmark, recently launched the comprehensive port extension project at Lindø terminal.

The background for the port extension is an ongoing requirement for more space at Lindø where more or less all facilities are now leased out.

Once the construction is completed, Lindø Port of Odense will dispose of an additional 500,000 square meters of harbor area, new quays extending more than 1000 meters, and the Lindø Coastal Park that will eventually enable public access.

The overall costs for the entire port extension project is around $53.3 million.

Development at Lindø has been much faster than anticipated. Therefore we have speeded up our port extension to allow us, within a few years, to offer new facilities both to our old clients and to new ones”, said Carsten Aa, CEO of Lindø Port of Odense.

Along with the harbor activities, the owner will also implement two nature compensation projects along Odense Fjord. Two breeding areas for birds will be established at existing sea marks in Gabet at the entrance to Odense Fjord, and 10 hectares of arable land at Lumby Strand will be converted into wetlands.