Guyana Launches Sea and River Defense Project

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The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) and the Government of Guyana on Wednesday, April 13, launched a $30.9 million Sea and River Defense Project at the Pegasus Hotel in Guyana.

The project is expected to provide for the reconstruction and improvement of approximately 5.4 km of sea and river defenses in eight critical areas in Regions Two, Three, Four and Six.

Speaking at the launch, William Ashby, portfolio manager at the CDB said that the project will improve resilience to coastal and riverine hazards, as well as the effects of climate change through strengthened sea and river defense systems.

CDB will loan Guyana $25 million with the Government providing the remaining $5.9 million. The project will be implemented by Work Services Group (WSG), with a Project Coordinator having day to day responsibility for project management.

The project will also include a Capacity Building component, with activities such as the establishment of a shoreline change monitoring system, enhancements to the Shore Zone Monitoring System, a Geographic Information System managed by the Works Services Group, and training of WSG staff.

In addition, it includes a Community Awareness and Education Program to increase community awareness of disaster risk and human actions and activities that could compromise coastal protection, and to influence positive behavioral change.


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