Deltares Simulates Monster Waves for Future Levee Designs

Research institute Deltares recently conducted a series of test in its new Delta Flume on the smart shaped Hillblock revetment block.

The Delta Flume tests – allowing Deltares to generate waves up to 5 meter and simulate a superstorm – will provide more insight for more efficient levee designs.

Hillblocks, developed by entrepreneur Hans Hill, are designed to function as one and create water channels in the hollow space underneath the top layer.

This allows the levee revetment to absorb the wave energy and reduce the run up, generating 30 up to 50 percent wave abatement.

Hillblocks have already been applied at some places along the Dutch coastline and Deltares wants to further investigate its stability under severe wave conditions, especially in relation to overtopping.

The Hillblock is a concrete placed block with an ingenious shape. When the blocks are placed alongside one another, a network of channels is formed below the top of the blocks. It is thought that this mitigates the impact of the breaking wave, resulting in an very stable revetment.