Stockholm Norvik Port Gets Green Light

Construction consent has been given for the Stockholm Norvik Port, a new freight port which will be located just north of Nynäshamn in Sweden.

In accordance with the Swedish Environmental Code, construction and operation of the port requires a legal ruling.

The Swedish Supreme Court yesterday issued a positive ruling by deciding not to allow permission for an appeal to be heard. This means that construction of the port can begin during the year.

In Sweden, nine out of ten goods arrive by sea, and a large portion of these are destined for the Stockholm region.

The Stockholm Norvik Port will make it possible to transport goods as close to their final destinations as possible by sea.

This results in major environmental benefits and simultaneously reduces the pressure on Sweden’s already congested road and railway networks.

It is expected that Ports of Stockholm will be able to welcome the first vessel into port about three years after the start of construction.

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