CEDA Shares Expertise at Madrid Dredging Seminar

CEDA photo
CEDA photo

The Central Dredging Association’s (CEDA) Environmental Commission (CEC) will take part in a one-day conference on best practice in dredged material management, set for today in Madrid, Spain.

Hosted by Puertos del Estado and Magrama, the event will feed into forthcoming revision to the Spanish Dredged Material Guidelines.

The current version of the Spanish guidelines has been endorsed by CIEM (Interministerial Commission on Marine Strategies) and is in an intermediate phase before its approval as a Royal Decree.

A revision work has been opened that allow to slightly modify the current contents, in particular Annex VI which is on beneficial use of dredged material.

A specially invited audience of international and Spanish experts in the field will share knowledge through discussion and presentations covering sustainable solutions from technical, economic and environmental angles.

After a welcome by Mr. D. Álvaro Rodriguez Dapena, Director of Puertos del Estado, CEDA President, Polite Laboyrie, will set the scene for the day and expert speakers from the CEC and the host country will discuss current practice and lessons learned.

Using case studies, from Europe and the US, they will look at how others have made beneficial use of dredged materials, worked with the natural environment, and dealt with the challenges presented by contaminated sediment.

Finally, following a panel discussion, they will share their thoughts on future amends to the Spanish Dredged Material Guidelines.