Holland Dredge Design Equipment for African Market

HDD Dredgers

The construction of two brand new cutter suction dredgers is now wrapped up and these powerful machines are ready to be shipped to Zambia, according to the builder – Holland Dredge Design BV.

Holland Dredge Design BV (HDD) is a Harderwijk based company, specialized in the engineering, designing, building, supplying and maintenance of dredging equipment.

As a member of the BIG Machinery Group of companies, Jan Bosman, the HDD’s company owner, said that they are now focusing on new dredging markets and segments.

At the introduction ceremony of these CSDs last week, we took the opportunity to have a quick chat with Mr Bosman, who provided us with invaluable insight into the company’s business plans, the recent order and the cooperation with BIG Dredging – BIG Machinery’s subsidiary, launched in January 2016.

“BIG Dredging, also part of the BIG Machinery Group, placed an order about 3 months ago at HDD for two cutter suction dredger with 200 mm suction diameter for its Zambian client,” said Mr Bosman. “Both vessels can be transported in 4 containers.”

“After receiving more and more requests from our African clients for custom made dredging equipment, we started to thinking about the idea to create our own dredging equipment, with the main goal to be of better service to our clients.”

When asked to comment the African dredging market, he went on to say: “It’s an untouched land. If they want to improve the economy and the wellbeing of the people they need to work on their infrastructure, such at their waterways. Proper waterworks are really important and a lot of dredging is required.”

“Big Machinery has three representatives in Africa and they will do the sales for us in Africa. The rest of the world will be done by HDD.

“With an experienced and enthusiastic team at BIG Dredging, together with the resources of Big Machinery, we hope that we will make a great success in the African dredging market,” added Mr Bosman.

Speaking about current projects, Mr Bosman mentioned a new line of submersible dredge pumps – to be launched soon.

For the end, Mr Bosman revealed to us his vision: to become supplier of easily transportable, flexible and custom made dredging equipment for the inland dredging industry, with everything built in the Netherlands.

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