Setting Up New Commission for Dredging Management

Central Dredging Association (CEDA) is setting up a new Commission for Dredging Management and has already issued an invitation to members interested in joining it.

The Dredging Management Commission (DMC) is being established to fulfill a need for discussion, innovation and questions on the management of dredging works in the broadest sense.

As such it will bring together all stakeholders related to dredging works and encourage open discussions which focus on mutually beneficial improvements and solutions for those involved.

There will be many topics within the DMC’s scope for discussion, just some of which will include:

  • dredging strategies for ports and waterways;
  • minimum and maximum depth to dredge;
  • estimation of dredge volumes;
  • survey and control methods;
  • contracting strategies per project type;
  • physical and environmental characterizations;
  • disposal areas;
  • cost build up;
  • stakeholder interactions;
  • legislation development.

The Commission will be made up of 10-15 members who will represent the full range of professionals and organisations that make up the dredging community. Members will be asked to commit to 6 days a year which will include 2-3 meetings held around the CEDA region.