MTG Systems DMet on Display at WODCON Miami

MTG, an international company specialized in the design and production of systems for earth moving machinery, recently attended the World Dredging Congress and Exhibition in Miami, where they introduced its MTG Systems DMet.

DMet is a G.E.T system ideal for cutter and hopper dredgers, which improves productivity and increases protection, even in demanding applications such as hard rock.

This system excels in durability, thanks to its self-sharpening tooth design with a higher wear material ratio and also includes a hammerless locking technology, MTG Twist, which provides a quick, easy and safe tooth replacement.

“With a range of teeth with optional use of inserts and extra protection for the adapter, the MTG Systems DMet is the most robust and resistant on the market, thanks to the stabilization in all load directions,” the company stated in its announcement.

The tooth-adapter fitting system contact surfaces are perpendicular to the direction of the main forces, allowing better load distribution and reducing plastic deformation of the fitting system.