Wartsila Engines for Two Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers

Wartsila has won an order to supply engines for two new 8000 m³ trailing suction hopper dredgers.

The vessels are being built for the Adani Group, India’s largest private multi-port operator.

The Wartsila scope of supply comprises two 8-cylinder Wartsila 32 main engines for the first vessel, and two 7-cylinder Wartsila 32 main engines for the second one, together with four Wartsila CPPs with shafts.

In addition, Wartsila will supply a Super Trident sewage treatment plant with vacuum generation for both vessels.

Delivery of this equipment will start in September 2016. The first of the dredgers is scheduled for delivery to the customer in the end of 2017.

The vessels are the first of a new IHC Beagle series designed by Royal IHC of the Netherlands. IHC will also build the dredgers.

“We are very familiar with Wartsila’s propulsion solutions, and are confident that they are a good choice for this new series of dredgers. The vessels will feature high levels of efficiency and maximum uptime, and the reliability and excellent performance of Wartsila’s main engines are key contributors to this,” said Sander Korving, Director Supply Chain Management of Royal IHC.

Wartsila has earlier supplied equipment to IHC, while for dredgers and other port vessels owned by Adani, Wartsila has delivered its Vessel Fleet Management and Remote Monitoring systems.