Permit Issued for the Phase One of MSCC Bronka Project

FSUE Rosmorport has just announced that the Phase 1 of the access channel and water area of MSCC Bronka (Multipurpose Sea Cargo Complex Bronka, Big Port St. Petersburg) has been put into the operations.

The construction of the access channel and the water area lasted from April 2013 till December 2015.

During the works, around 20.2 mln cbm of material was dredged from the construction site, including over 12.9 mln cbm from the access channel and 7.3 mln cbm from the water area.

The cost of the works was approx. $170 million.

MSCC Bronka now has a 150-meter wide access channel of over 6.4 km in length with the depth of 11.2m; operational water area is 380m wide and diameter of the turning basin is 420m.

Phase 2, which is under implementation, includes dredging of the access channel to the design depth of 14.4m, and channel widening to 185m. The works are to be completed by the end of 2016.

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