Royal IHC Launches Dual-Track Study Program

In just a few weeks from now, Royal IHC will be launching a dual-track study program for engineers from universities of applied sciences.

The company’s Technical Training Centre (TTC) will begin with this dual training program in September 2016.

The program is aimed for students of mechanical engineering, naval architecture and maritime engineering at universities of applied sciences.

For the 2016/2017 academic year, Royal IHC is looking for second-year students from universities of applied sciences who would like to develop further through practice-based learning at the company’s Kinderdijk facility, the Netherlands.

During the program, students will receive a two-year apprenticeship contract at the Royal IHC TTC. Royal IHC will also assume all costs associated with the training program.

For more information about Royal IHC and Dual-track study please visit site.