New Dredger Enters Rosmorport Fleet

FSUE Rosmorport’s Astrakhan Branch has put into operation its new non-propelled cutter suction dredger, the Petr Sablin.

The dredger, built by “Onezhsky Ship Building and Ship Repairing Plant”, comes as the fourth vessel included in the dredging fleet of the Astrakhan Branch.

In addition to the existing three dredgers Ivan Cheremesinov, Urengoy and Artemy Volynsky, the dredger will be used for works in the water area of the Volga-Caspian Marine Shipping Canal.

Distinctive feature of Petr Sablin is the position of the motor and pump equipment inside the dredger hull, which can significantly increase the level of safety and sanitary conditions of the vessel’s crew.

The vessel is an improved analog of Artemy Volynsky self-propelled dredger operated by the Astrakhan Branch since 2013, which presented itself well during maintenance dredging works along the VCMSC.