Hill Head Coastal Protection Project Kicks Off

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Hill Head Coastal Protection Project

Phase 1 of the Hill Head Coastal Protection Project is underway with contractors already on the site.

As a part of the Phase 1 of the Hill Head project, re-nourishment of historically low beach levels at the beach will take place, protecting the promenade from further exposure to wave damage.

Extensive maintenance on the 13 Fareham Borough Council (FBC) owned groynes will improve beach material retention and help protect the seawalls.

The works, funded by FBC, involve bringing in approximately 3,000m³ of beach material by road to top up the beach in the first 5 groyne bays from the car park. The beach material being used for Phase 1 will be dredged from the Solent and then bought ashore in Portsmouth for processing and transportation.

Works on the Phase 1 are due for completion on 30th September 2016.

Phase 2, subject to obtaining consents and funding, is due to start in summer 2017 and will replace failing sea defenses and promenade.

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