Protection Joondalup Coastline

The City of Joondalup is taking proactive steps to identify and prepare for potential future changes to the City’s coastline from climate change, such as erosion and storm surges, and is seeking to engage with the local community on this important issue.

The Department of Planning’s State Planning Policy 2.6: State Coastal Planning Policy (SPP 2.6) requires all coastal local governments in Western Australia to identify areas along their coastline that may potentially be subject to coastal hazard risk within a planning time-frame of 100 years and to inform current and future property owners within those areas of the potential risk.

Using the methodology prescribed in SPP 2.6, consultants MP Rogers and Associates have undertaken a coastal hazard assessment for the length of the City’s coastline, which takes into account historical shoreline movement, potential severe storm erosion, predicted sea level rise and inundation.

The Assessment found that some areas of the City’s coastline may become susceptible to coastal erosion within the next 100 years.

While the risk of the modeled erosion occurring is considered relatively low and the majority of potential impacts are long term, the City is taking action to prepare for this and ensure that potential impacts on the coastline are minimized and managed appropriately.

Activities include establishing a Coastal Monitoring Program, developing an overarching Coastal Infrastructure Adaptation Plan, undertaking Site-Specific Coastal Infrastructure Adaptation Planning and engaging and informing local communities.

The Coastal Monitoring Program will monitor shoreline movement over time, inform the City of any increased risks and determine how actual shoreline movement compares to the modeled erosion.

An overarching Coastal Infrastructure Adaptation Plan will be developed this year to guide how the City prepares and adapts for future climate change on the coast. It will identify vulnerable areas which will require localized site specific adaptation planning.

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