Foreshore Technology: Dredge Master Version 5 Released

Foreshore Technology, a UK based designer and manufacturer of dredge monitoring systems and software, has released version 5 of their DredgeMaster product range.

The new version contains a whole suite of new features to help improve productivity.

“New calibration routines have been added to make it much easier for the operator to calibrate the machine after changing sensors or parts,” the company said in the announcement.

“Using an innovative approach to handling XYZ data the dredge master products can now display your data in 0.1m resolution in the 3D view.”

The software now includes an improved diagnostic module to help the operator identify sensor or equipment failures as well as guiding him through how to resolve the issue.

A huge number of features have also been added to the software to support multiple new file formats, new tool configurations, new equipment and sensor support (including support for Prolec and Trimble sensors) as well as lots of new features that the customers have requested to improve the workflow of the product.