Another Italdraghe Marina Master 8000 Dredger for Brighton

Image source: Italdraghe
Image source: Italdraghe

Italdraghe SpA, an Italian manufacturer of specifically designed dredging and mining applications, delivered another Marina Master 8000 dredger to Brighton, in September 2016, and another one of the same will be delivered to the United Kingdom in the following weeks. 

This is the second dredger of its kind to be supplied to a UK marina owner, requiring versatile, easily-manoeuvrable and precision dredging equipment.

A key feature of the dredger is its horizontally-hinged dredging arm manufactured in two sections with a central hydraulically-controlled vertical hinge, allowing the dredger to work under floating marina pontoons and finger piers without having to remove them.

It has the capability of manoeuvring into individual berths, cleaning them and then reversing out, there is no need for the marina owner to empty the entire marina prior to the start of the dredging operations.

Image source: Italdraghe

Only one or two moored boats need to be temporarily moved out at a time and, as each berth is dredged, and these boats can be returned to their original mooring as the dredger moves on to the next berth.

Dredging can thus be done throughout the year, even during the busier summer months.

The 14-meter long self-propelled dredger, with a PD180 dredging pump, was built in the Italdraghe shipyard on the Italian Adriatic Coast.

Compared to its predecessor, the Marina Master MK II has a number of special additional features including enhanced alarm systems and hydraulically-operated sponsons.

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