Spanish Version of Deltares ‘Port of the Future’ Game

Deltares has launched a Spanish version of the serious game Port of the Future ’Juego serio Puerto de Futuro’.

The ‘Puerto del Futuro’ game will allow the Dutch Embassies in Latin American countries to facilitate dialogue, raise awareness of the current policy challenges for ports, and help port stakeholders to achieve sustainable development.

The rapid growth in the size of container vessels and the expansion of the Panama Canal is driving port development  in Peru, Panama, Costa Rica, Chili, Colombia and Mexico. The goal is to train stakeholders, in their own language, in resilient port development and to show them how to address local challenges and opportunities,” said Cor Schipper, a marine biologist at Deltares.

The ‘Juego serio Puerto de Futuro’ provides showcase solutions for resilient and sustainable port development that can be tailored for port authorities and stakeholders in the region.

Some examples of more sustainable solutions are given, including clean shipping, safety, sustainable dredging, aquaculture and sand nourishment.