Russia to Build Modern Dredgers

Russia’s shipbuilding industry has been undergoing intense revival, according to Yevgeny Zagorodny, Vice-President for Civil Shipbuilding, United Shipbuilding Corporation.

In his recent interview with the IAA PortNews, Mr Zagorodny spoke about new promising designs of vessels, construction of dredging ships, modernization of production facilities, state support measures, impact of sanctions, import substitution and development plans.

When asked about the current situation in construction of dredging vessels in Russia, Mr Zagorodny said: “There are organizations in Russia that have been historically specializing in designing of dredging equipment.”

They can hardly be referred to as modern ones but the work is underway since it is important for the Volga, Don and Siberian rivers,” he added.

Moreover, two dredging vessels of foreign company’s design have been built by Krasnoye Sormovo shipyard with the third ship under the final phase of construction,” Mr Zagorodny said.

According to him, the third vessel, named Kadosh, will be delivered to the customer soon. He also added that the first two newbuilds are already ensuring smooth transition of vessels to/from the Caspian Sea unlike the previous years.

On our part, we negotiate localization of foreign company’s manufactures (like IHC of the Netherlands) in Russia, also within the Lotus SEZ. As usual, the matter is in the shipbuilding program: if Rosmorport confirms it we can embark on long-term planning. It is serial production that will ensure economic viability,” concluded Mr Zagorodny.