British Columbia Invests $10 Million in Abbotsford Flood Protection

In order to prevent further erosion to the Fraser River’s banks and the dikes protecting the Matsqui floodplain in Abbotsford, the Province of British Columbia is investing $10 million in the design and implementation of a long-term solution.

The City of Abbotsford is proposing a system of spurs along the riverbank, but other options are also still being considered. The city and the Province will engage with First Nations, and in particular the Sumas First Nation, to develop a long term strategy to significantly reduce the risk of the Fraser River’s dike failure.

“By working as partners and providing direct support to communities and agencies that help prepare and respond to emergencies, we are preventing the interruption and significant costs that come from flooding damage to homes, businesses and communities,” said Michael de Jong, MLA for Abbotsford West.

“These projects provide safety for the public and help protect the businesses and industries that provide jobs and significant economic benefits for all British Columbians. By providing support we are protecting our communities and delivering on our commitment to strengthening and providing greater safety for the people of British Columbia.”

Over $60 million in flood mitigation investments in a number of communities is represented in the March 15 emergency preparedness funding announcement.

Since 2008, the Province has committed $182.7 million towards flood mitigation projects in over 200 communities in B.C.

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