Managing Thailand’s Public Water Sources

Thailand Government’s units have prepared guidelines for the management of public water sources in a public-private collaborative scheme, according to the National News Bureau of Thailand (NNT).

Power will be transferred to local administrative organizations to tackle drought in each area.

Permanent Secretary for the Prime Minister’s Office, Chirachai Munthongroi, said that he had discussed the guidelines with relevant government units such as the Marine Department, the Royal Irrigation Department, the Land Development Department, the Department of Provincial Administration, the Agricultural Land Reform Office, the Department of Water Resources and the Department of Local Administration.

All of the government units agreed that local administrative organizations and the private sector should work together to dredge public water sources so that they will store more water for use during the dry season, NNT said.

The participating private organizations will receive gravel, rocks, soil and sand from the dredging of water sources in return. The guidelines will be submitted to the Decentralization to Local Government Organization Committee for approval.