Stone Bill Passes First Committee

The Assembly Natural Resources Committee has approved Mark Stone bill aimed to protect California’s coast in the face of sea-level rise, intense weather events, and other impacts of a changing climate.

According to Stone, the Assembly Bill 1129 guards coastal access and coastal resources by promoting natural alternatives to seawalls and other defense structures.

He added that while coastal armoring is a short-term solution that leaves lasting negative impacts on the coastal ecosystem and public access, natural-based alternatives provide long term solutions that help protect California’s diverse coastal landscape.

California’s coast is changing and our policies must change with it,” said Assemblymember Stone. “Natural alternatives to short-term fixes like seawalls will ensure that Californians continue to have access to the coastal resources that belong to everyone. By ensuring that the California Coastal Commission is given a clear mission and tools to promote these natural alternatives, the state can adequately protect public access to beaches and other coastal resources.

Specifically AB 1129 will provide the California Coastal Commission with administrative tools to enforce existing law regarding unpermitted structures, limit emergency seawalls to temporary structures, and require the removal of emergency armoring structures in the absence of longer-term authorization.

This bill, approved with the final vote 7:3, will be heard next in the Assembly Appropriations Committee.