New Cutter Suction Dredger for Manson

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Manson Construction Co. has announced the completion of its 30-inch ABS cutter suction dredger ROBERT M WHITE.

Constructed at Halimar Shipyard LLC in Morgan City, Louisiana, with design and dredge components from IHC America Inc., the dredger was successfully launched on April 24, 2017.

“We have high expectations for our state-of-the-art ROBERT M WHITE cutter suction dredger. We appreciate the quality and timeliness of the dredge’s delivery by our team, such that she will begin digging this summer,” said Manson President Eric Haug.

Frederick Paup, Chairman of the Board of Manson, added: “We are proud that the ROBERT M WHITE is a U.S. built, U.S. flagged, and U.S. crewed vessel that will focus on the coastal restoration and maintenance dredging markets of the United States. We will continue to invest in the U.S. dredging market to help our stakeholders accomplish their missions.”

Named in honor of Mr. Robert M. “Mitch” White, a long-time Manson employee and one of the leaders in the advancement of safety in the maritime industry, the dredger is a testament to the excellent teamwork between IHC, Halimar and Manson, continuing Manson’s fleet modernization, Manson said in its announcement.


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