Kongsberg Launches New Compact Survey Vessel

Image source: Kongsberg

Kongsberg GeoAcoustics has recently launched their new Compact Survey Vessel (CSV), specifically designed to survey shallow coastal and inland waterways quickly, using a powerful and manoeuvrable two-person catamaran equipped with the latest GeoSwath 4R shallow water simultaneous swath bathymetry and side scan system.

The vessel is a lightweight two person catamaran and is easily transportable so that launch and recovery can be made in the remotest of locations.

The craft is light enough to be launched by one person, and all the instrument controls, communication systems and survey operating tools are ergonomically designed so that everything can be accessed from the helmsman’s position.

The vessel is constructed from plastic with all stainless steel fittings. It measures 3m in length, has a width of 1.62m and weights 182kg which includes the supplied 30HP outboard engine.

Standard fuel capacity is 24L which gives the Compact Survey Vessel the ability to operate for many hours before the need to refuel.

With a top speed of 27 knots it can quickly get from launch site to survey area, Kongsberg said.

The new GeoSwath 4R system offers unsurpassed productivity in shallow waters with at least 12x water depth coverage right up to the waterline complying with the performance standards defined by the International Hydrographic Organization’s performance standards for bathymetric data.

The new Dual Ping system provides double the data density along track resolution compared to previous GeoSwath Plus system.

As well as significant hardware changes, there has also been a major update to the associated processing and visualisation software with the included GS4 package, the company stated.


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