USACE to Hold Workshops on Greers Ferry Lake Master Plan

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Greers Ferry Project Office will suspend shoreline activity requests beginning July 19 to establish a baseline of the lake for officials to use while revising its 41-year-old master plan.

Shoreline activity requests will not be accepted during the master plan revision and all zoning and shoreline management regulations will remain in effect until the plan is complete, announced the Corps.

A series of public workshops will be held to inform the public about the process used to update the Greers Ferry Lake Master Plan. The workshops will also allow project personnel to gather information from local residents and park visitors. The locations, dates and times of these workshops will be announced in the near future.

During the workshops, representatives from USACE will present an overview on the master plan revision process to include explaining the difference between a master plan and a shoreline management plan.

The Corps’ master plans are used to guide all use and development of a project’s federal public lands and waters for environmental stewardship and recreation related purposes, throughout its life. Most of Little Rock District’s master plans were completed in the 1970’s, with supplements added through the years to document change for that specific time.