Environment Agency: Reducing Flood Risk in Abingdon

The Environment Agency is working with the Vale of White Horse District Council to develop potential schemes to reduce flood risk in Abingdon.

There are 2 schemes currently being considered: a small flood defense wall at St Helen’s Mill and a larger scheme on the River Ock, EA said.

The project team have completed surveys of areas immediately adjacent to the works at St Helen’s Mill to better understand the condition of existing foundations. The contractor, AMCO, started construction of the flood wall in May 2017, which will take up to 6 weeks to build.

“During construction vehicle access will be restricted and the car park will be shut, however, pedestrian access to footpaths will be maintained. The scheme will reduce risk to 5 ground floor properties that frequently flood and will not increase flood risk to any properties on the opposite bank,” EA said in its release.

The Environment Agency is investigating several options for the River Ock flood scheme and has completed baseline modelling of the River Thames and the River Ock.

The team is using this model to assess all the possible options for reducing flood risk in Abingdon, including flood storage, modification of structures, temporary or permanent defenses and natural flood management.

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